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The Centricity Customer Portal (CCP) migration to the GE Healthcare Learning System (HLS) is complete. HLS Redemption Codes are now being sent to organizations that were included in the migration. The HLS is located at https://hls.gehealthcare.com/. If your organization had access to the CCP, and you have not yet received your Redemption Code, please contact davidfox@ge.com.

If your organization did not have access to the CCP, but you would like access to the Centricity Computer-Based Training modules, please click here.

While past users of the CCP can no longer take CBTs from this site, users can still log in to the CCP to run CBT history reports until February 29, 2016. Read this document for more information about running CBT history reports. If you have any questions, please contact davidfox@ge.com.